Bicycle Windproof Riding Face Mask

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Colour: Black
Material: Non-woven filter mask function can effectively filter exhaust gas and locomotive exhaust gas and air allergens, smoke, dust, pollen, floating particles, bacteria and other harmful substances to human health. Protect your upper airways and lungs. It can also prevent the spread of air pollution from diseases (because of the material, the first few times have a slight smell, normal, please don't worry about it ~~)
Size: One size fits most people. The material is soft and comfortable to wear. According to the design of the person's face, it covers the part below the bridge of the nose. The bridge of the nose is fixed with aluminum to prevent slipping. The mouth has a vent hole and the back neck is fixed with a Velcro. .
Function: Anti-dust storm, face protection, dust-proof and deodorant.

Washing method: The entire pair of masks can be washed with water, do not rub, it can be used again after drying naturally.