Ingrown Nail Corrector

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Type: nail care tool Material: steel and alloys Iron Size: approx. 2.5 * 4cm / 0.9 * 1.6inch Function: Suitable for treating cut nails, paronogy and so on. Instructions: 1. Care of fingers, hands and disinfecting tools. 2. Turn on both sides of the cut nails from the hook on the equipment.3. Use one hand, hold the middle tool fixing, pivot the nut to equip the nails with the other hand. (two-way support for different nail sizes) 4. Slowly strengthen until there is a feeling of expansion (no pain) (patients can sink the feet in warm water when correction is performed) 5. Mild intensify every 10 minutes 6. 30 minutes Later, remove your feet from the water, wait for 15 minutes to dry your legs. 7. Remove the equipment, the foot ring is redesigned, laid, put some medical cotton beneath the tilted nails to accelerate recovery.