LaserHIT Dry Fire Training Kit (9mm/HD Wireless Mini, Android)

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Brand: LaserHIT

Color: 9mm/HD Wireless Mini


  • THE COMPLETE SOLUTION IN MINI PACKAGE WITH WIRELESS SCREEN MIRRORING (UPDATED) includes premium case, one 9mm LaserHIT HD laser cartridge with 300,000 hits battery life, one full-metal 12” tripod-mini, one smartphone holder (fit up to Galaxy S9 Plus), one cartridge extractor, four premium-paper targets, wireless adapter for screen mirroring, free mobile app.
  • LASER CARTRIDGE HD-TYPE: Self-aligned in the chamber for precise results. 300,000 hits battery life. Activates on fall of hammer or striker. Strikes dot on target, never worry about unreliable dashes. Fires tiny laser dot for realistic feelings - focus on the sights, not on the laser sparks. More calibers available.
  • FREE LASERHIT MOBILE APP (offer in-app purchases). Voice assistants. PRIVACY BUILT-IN - No profile, no uploads to the cloud, no shared results, no tracking, works offline. REMOTE RESTART from firing line - no back and forth walk - pure practice. SCREEN MIRRORING ready.
  • WIRELESS SCREEN MIRRORING: the kit comes with a wireless adapter to direct connect your smartphone and your HD TV, to provide large and crystal clear content visibility from your firing line in real-time. Less time wasted walking back and forth to observe results on a small screen. Work with all Android phones (if the phone supports Miracast/WiFi direct connect). No local WiFi or internet connection required. Note: make sure you phone support screen mirroring before purchase.
  • DRY FIRE AT WHOLE NEW LEVEL: Practice like a Pro in the comfort of your own living room with your own everyday carry or home defense firearm. See your hits on your big screen TV with realistic "bullet holes" and sound effects in real time. SAME GUN, SAME RESULTS: At home or at the range the weight, the grip, the sights and the trigger pull will remain the same. Build and maintain muscle memory between shooting range visits. Save on ammo, save your time, train more often.

Genre: Action & Adventure

Publisher: LaserHIT LLC

Details: WARNING FOR ANDROID USERS: MAKE SURE YOU PHONE SUPPORT HD CARTRIDGE BEFORE PURCHASE (Download LASERHIT app on Google Play to check compatibility) HOW IT WORKS Take aim at the LaserHIT paper target with your firearm loaded with the laser training cartridge and pull the trigger The cartridge will emit a short red laser light each time it's struck by the firing pin/striker LaserHIT mobile app running on your phone will track your shots on the target and display your hits in real-time with realistic sound effects You will see each of your shots on your phone and TV if connected LASER CARTRIDGE SPEC Product: Non-handheld laser Class: IIIa Output power: <5mW Wavelength: 635nm Color: red CARTRIDGE TYPES HD for precise hit registration GENERIC for work on trigger control CARTRIDGE FEATURES Drop-in-barrel design without any further modifications to your firearm Two o-rings keeps the cartridge in a place and maintain alignment during training Rimless design prevents the cartridge from being extracted during cycling Hardened rubber primer to protect your firing pin from wear (replaceable) LASERHIT PAPER TARGETS Specifically created to increase robustness to the light sensitivity Scaled for long distance practice within a small room Include reload mark for touch-less reload LASERHIT MOBILE APP FEATURES Available on iPhone (6 and up) and on Android (Lollipop 5.0 and up) Setup in minutes with on-screen instructions Unique touch-less reload feature: restart your Practice without leaving firing line Hit-counter to track the total number of hits HD TV ready: connect your phone to your TV to provide large and crystal clear content visible from your firing line in real time NOTES: SA firearms required to rack the slide before each shot Smartphone, and HDTV not included Cable or wireless adapter may not included in the selected kit.

UPC: 850001141079

EAN: 0850001141079

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 5.0 x 2.0 inches