Portable Nano Hydrating Facial Ionizer Mist

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Item number: L3Water tank capacity: 20MLProduct size: 11.5*3cmPacking size: 15.5*33cmBattery capacity: 550mAhCharging time: 2 hoursCharging power: USBSpray time: 1 minutes, automatic power off, fill up water, about 14 timesPower: 3.15W Products include: water meter *1, *1 card, the data line *1, blue light, red light flashing said in use, said charging, the red light, said the power is full, full of electricity. Color: white, material: ABS4 advantages: deep replenishment; to promote absorption; rapid replenishment of moisture: 6ml/ minutes atomizing frequency; =20UM facial penetration, 45S straight push muscle bottom; two times a spray, equivalent to four mask, save money and effort. The body is small, and can be carried away, not cumbersome, small figure, a great deal of things.