ReviteLAB Ultra Thin Facial Lift Patches for Wrinkles & Lines

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Features:APPLY PATCHES UNDERNEATH MAKE-UP FOR QUICK APPEARANCE LIFT OR APPLY DURING THE NIGHT FOR LONG TERM REMOVAL OF WRINKLES BY RESTORING COLLAGEN AND NATURAL SHAPENO NEED FOR CREAMS, EXPENSIVE TREATMENTS OR NEEDLES.LIFT WRINKLES INSTANTLY OVERNIGHT! PATCHES USE MECHANICAL LIFT TO HELP ACHIEVE THE RADIANT, REJUVENATED DREAM SKIN![Usage]: Before going to bed, do a good facial treatment. Before using the beauty paste, wipe off the cosmetics with a paper towel very lightly.Because the oil is not good for the adhesive tape, then apply the hand to smooth the wrinkled skin and apply the beauty patch.Stick to the wrinkle position, you can sleep peacefully, wake up the next day and gently remove it.Material: EVA resinPackage List:3x Ultra Thin Facial Lift Patches